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Island Park is a beautiful place and it has some beautiful wood or log homes. These homes can become dull after many years in the elements. Royal Wood Restoration offers great services that guarantee the beauty of your home. If your home is already new, we offer maintenance programs so that it stays looking that way. If you are looking for a service to brighten up your drab home, we offer full restoration. We cater to all things wooden, even fences and decks. Restoration of your home can be a long process, but when finished your home will have a new glow. We offer chinking, which works as a barrier for your home in keeping all the Island Park elements where they belong, outside! We also offer dry ice blasting which cleans your wood. This is the most environmentally safe way to do so and the only way Royal Wood Restoration will do it. We pride ourselves on our services and the end product. If you have any questions about starting a maintenance program or having your home restored, give us a call at 866-237-2416 and we will discuss the different options you may have.


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